You are recommended to apply for Netherlands visa 30 days before your planned trip. This is the maximum time required to proceed with all the documentation and travel requests.

A single entry Visa to Netherlands allows a visa holder to enter the Schengen countries only once and the visa expires as soon as the visa holder leaves the country

A two-entry or a multiple-entry Visa for Netherlands allows its holder to visit the country for two or several times during the validity of the visa.

During the Netherlands Visa Appointment you will be asked personal questions about your whereabouts, the intended trip and other travel details. Make sure your answers are firm and correct.

Schengen visa is a short stay visa that allows you to stay in the country for a maximum period of 90 days (3 months) in any 6 month period starting from the date of visa issue. Working or Studying people holding a D Visa are exempted from this rule.

Generally you may cross any Schengen border with a visa issued by any Schengen country. However, the short-stay visa does not entitle you to enter the Schengen area. At the border, you may have to show the Schengen visa & also provide additional documentation. For example, travel confirmations, letter of invitations and other documents stating the purpose of stay.

Hence it is recommended that you carry with you copies of the documents that you presented when applying for the Schengen visa

Family Members of EU citizens do need a Visa to enter Schengen Zone. However, they are benefitted with certain procedural facilitations to obtain the visa application procedure alleviated and faster.

The visa can only be extended within the expiry period of the current visa and not post that. However, there should be some strong reasons like serious personal
reasons, force majeure, occupational reasons, humanitarian reasons or some serious illness resulting in extending the authorized period of stay. You may also need to provide Netherlands Visa Requirement documents to support the reason for an extension.

To get a Netherlands Visa Online, you should have money that is enough to cover the expenses made during the trip. This includes accommodation and everyday costs for the days of travel.

The fees once submitted for visa consultation & urgent visa acquisition is non-refundable.

The reasons for the refusal of Online Netherlands Visa are as per the standard forum. However, you are free to re-apply if your application was refused earlier. However, this time you need to be more vigilant & ensure there are no mistakes before submitting the new application.