Easter in Netherlands 2024 – Traditions, Celebrations & More

Easter in Netherlands 2024 – Traditions, Celebrations & More

Are you planning to celebrate Easter in Netherlands 2024? As one of the most important religious holidays in the country, Easter celebrations and traditions here are truly special. From elaborate Easter markets and events to delicious seasonal dishes and family-friendly activities. The Dutch know how to commemorate Easter in style. Read on for your essential guide on how Easter will be celebrated across the Netherlands, including key dates, unique local traditions and must-experience festivities. Simply grab your Netherlands Visa UK and head over to the Netherlands with our guide to enjoy the best Easter!

When is Easter 2024 in Netherlands?

In 2024, Easter Sunday falls on March 31st, quite early compared to previous years. That puts Good Friday on March 29th and Easter Monday on April 1st, allowing visitors a nice long holiday weekend to experience Dutch Easter festivities.

The entire Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday is marked with religious services and family gatherings. But when Easter weekend arrives, the celebrations really pick up across the Netherlands. So, why wait? Plan your Easter holidays 2024 UK to Netherlands and enjoy with loved ones!

What’s the Significance of Easter in Dutch Culture?

As in most European countries, Easter holds major religious importance in the predominantly Christian Netherlands as it commemorates Jesus’ resurrection. Churches will hold special Easter services and masses on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Even for less religious Dutch people, Easter remains a treasured springtime family holiday filled with time-honoured traditions. Extended families come together for elaborate meals and activities with kids and grandchildren. Bright spring flowers like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths also make frequent appearances as decorative elements.

Unique Easter Traditions and Customs of Netherlands

Easter, known as Pasen, is a springtime celebration holding importance in Dutch culture. Beyond chocolate eggs and bunny decorations, prepare for special traditions and customs truly unique to the Netherlands.

  • Vastenavond (Carnaval)

Occurring in February or March before Lent begins, this crazy carnival sees enthusiastic citywide parties, dressing up, and general madness – a beloved Dutch tradition not to miss. Experience the vibrant atmosphere yourself in Maastricht or Den Bosch!

  • Paasvuren (Easter Fires)

On Easter Saturday evening, towering bonfires rage throughout the countryside. Join locals around crackling, community Paasvuren (Easter Bonfire) as the flames cast a warm glow and symbolize seasonal change. This iconic custom began from pre-Christian traditions of celebrating light and warmth after winter.

  • Paasstol Easter Bread

This sweet yeast bread dotted with raisins and almond paste is a Dutch specialty just for Easter. Family and friends share this seasonal treat and even give ornately decorated Paasstol as gifts during the holidays. Be sure to taste this delicious staple!

  • Eierdobben (Egg Tapping)

On Easter Monday, partake in some friendly competition with Eierdobben! During this game, two players gently tap the tips of their eggs together until one egg cracks – the winner’s egg intact. Not just for kids, adults also enjoy Eierdobben at gatherings with chocolate or decorated eggs.

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Traditional Easter Delights & Sweets

From special baked goods to playful legends, the Dutch have many unique and long-standing Easter customs for both adults and children alike:

  • Paasbrood – Braided and oval-shaped sweet bread loaf only made for Easter
  • Paaseitjes – Hard boiled eggs wrapped in a variety of colorful foil, swapped as gifts
  • Chocolate eggs and bunnies – Just like elsewhere, sweet chocolate in cute seasonal shapes

Fun Netherlands Family Traditions for Kids on Easter

  • Egg painting – Decorating hard boiled eggs with designs and colors
  • Egg rolling – Rolling eggs down little slopes in parks or gardens
  • Paashaas – The Dutch Easter Bunny that brings chocolate and treats for kids

So, don’t wait! Plan your Easter holidays in Netherlands in advance. Enjoy an unforgettable Easter experience with your loved ones!

Best Easter Events and Activities in Netherlands 2024

From elaborate markets to cute children’s events, some of the best Easter 2024 activities and things to do across the Netherlands include:

Amsterdam Easter Market

  • When: March 31st (Easter Sunday) &April 1st (Easter Monday)
  • Where: Amsterdam city center
  • What: A vibrant parade with colorful floats full of flowers and decorations, plus street performances, food vendors, and general jubilant atmospheres. Certainly, a must-do Amsterdam Easter 2024 activity!

Keukenhof Spring Flower Exhibition

  • When: March 23rd – May 21st
  • Where: Lisse, outside Amsterdam
  • What: This world-renowned flower garden always aligns their tulips and other flowers to peak for Easter. An iconic Dutch spring landscape.

Egg Hunts and Rolls for Kids

When/Where: Various public parks and towns on Easter weekend
What: Great free activities for families to let kids hunt for chocolate eggs or roll real eggs down hills themselves!

Must-Try Easter Treats and Food in Netherlands

Dutch holiday tables overflow with delicious seasonal delicacies at Easter. Be sure to indulge in these traditional foods if you’re visiting next Easter:

  • Paaseitjes

No Dutch Easter is complete without egg-shaped confections wrapped in brightly colored foil (they use hardboiled eggs inside). Give them as gifts or fill up your own Easter basket!

  • Asparagus

White asparagus comes into season just around Easter, making it very popular on menus.

  • Smoked salmon

Another Dutch specialty typically served at the big Easter lunch. Pair it with fresh dill sauce and bread.

  • Paasstol

This sweet raisin bread is stuffed with candied fruit, almonds and lemon or orange peel. Dust it with powdered sugar for an extra sweet kick!

  • Chocolate Paashaas

Of course, don’t forget to bite the ears off chocolate bunnies left by the Paashaas!

  • Roast lamb

As the centerpiece main course, tender lam rounds off lunch or dinner. The savory meat – often stuffed with garlic and herbs – joins fresh vegetables like asparagus. Don’t forget to smear some rich jus or gravy on top! Hearty after a long church service and plenty festive.

  • Paasbrood

This sweet raisin bread, similar to Panettone, makes breakfast bright. Locals enjoy thick slices with butter alongside coffee or tea. Paasbrood also comes as small buns decorated with icing named Paasbolletjes.

  • Holtkamp’s Krumkake

These crispy wafer cookies rolled into a cone shape make sweet closure to any celebration. Originally from Norway yet crafted for generations by Amsterdam’s Holtkamp bakery, the melt-in-your mouth treats usually get coated or filled with chocolate or caramel. Share a box to instantly impress!

Dig into these highlights and more during your Easter visit. From warming campfires through decadent cookies, let Dutch gastronomy charm your tastebuds too. All you need to do is apply for Online Netherlands Visa appointment to get started!

Top Places to Visit During Easter in Netherlands

Beyond appreciating Dutch Easter customs up close, make unforgettable memories exploring quintessential spring destinations across the country.

  • Kinderdijk Windmills

These impressive windmills majestically align Kinderdijk’s canals and dikes. Dating from the 1700s, the zone encompasses nineteen protected mills declared as a UNESCO heritage site. See these icons firsthand via foot, boat ride or photograph from observation points. You’ll find their reflections especially alluring in still waters when blooming trees frame the scene too!

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  • Flower Parades

Pair your visit with these fantastic bloemenparades showcasing elaborate floats covered in – you guessed it! – thousands of flowers. You can check out upcoming parades in Noordwijk & Haarlem or Rotterdam.

With colorful flowers as far as you can see plus timeless windmills, visiting any of these spots will fully capture spring magic. Create memories surrounded by these incredible Dutch icons!

Best Places to Stay for Easter in Netherlands 2024

Best Places to Stay for Easter in Netherlands 2024

Need accommodations during your Easter stay? Rest your head at these charming, traveler-approved hotels embracing Dutch heritage and seasonal cheer:

  • De Echoput Hotel (Amsterdam)

Set on a quiet street near Vondelpark yet still easily walkable to major sights, this four-star boutique hotel blends sleek rooms with exposed brickwork and beams. The generous breakfast buffet prepares you to explore with cuisine like smoked salmon, breads and cheese. Special Easter-themed amenities await too!

  • Hotel New York (Rotterdam)

For five-star luxury, this harborside icon impresses guests with stunning views and excellent dining options. Originally housing the Holland America cruise line offices, rich nautical details blend effortlessly with contemporary updates. The perfect launchpad to Rotterdam’s energetic art and nightlife scene.

  • Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Bergse Bossen (Drunen)

Nestled within Brabantse nature preserves near Den Bosch, relax at this popular four-star hotel featuring an acclaimed restaurant utilizing regional elements. Many cozy rooms open right onto forested walking paths – watch wildlife from your window. Enjoy traditional Dutch hospitality through and through!

Treat yourself this Easter, whether convenient city center or peaceful countryside tranquility. With flowers in bloom and Easter seasonal cheer abound, these stays let you simply enjoy the holiday.

Helpful Tips for Easter Travel to Netherlands 2024

If you plan to visit the region during Easter 2024, keep these travel tips in mind:

  • Book accommodations early – As a popular travel season prices rise and hotels sell out fast. So, reserve in advance!
  • Prep your transport – Trains and buses fill quickly right before Easter weekend. Purchase tickets ahead of time.
  • Visit Keukenhof mid-week – To avoid massive flower garden crowds, plan your trip on less busy Tuesday-Thursday.
  • Come early for events – For Easter markets, parades and concerts secure your viewing spot 1-2 hours prior.
  • Learn common Dutch Easter phrases – Use “Vrolijk Pasen!” to wish locals a Happy Easter in their native language.

That covers the must-knows for experiencing Easter in Netherlands 2024. From time-honored traditions through vibrant sights, let your Easter adventures bloom across the Netherlands. All you need to do is book a Netherlands Visa appointment to get started!


What’s the weather typically like around Easter?

Average highs reach 12 to 14°C (the mid to upper 50s °F), but always prepare for famous Dutch weather shifts! Pack along layers including light jackets or sweaters when exploring.

How far in advance should accommodations be booked?

Ideally reserve rooms months beforehand if visiting popular towns. Availability fills up quickly during Easter due to festivals and flowers encouraging tourism.

Are restaurants and attractions open during the full holiday weekend?

Yes, though some venues close by 8 PM on Easter. Festivities keep the atmosphere lively however – enjoy!

Is public transportation accessible for getting around?

Absolutely, trains and buses maintain frequent reliable schedules except limited service Easter Sunday. When visiting attractions, combination tickets including transport often save money too.

Are there any other special Easter events for families?

Check specific city tourism boards for Easter egg hunts, markets, stage performances and more family fun! Events vary across each town and region.

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