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Terms & Conditions for Netherlands Visa

The terms & conditions at Netherlands Visa involve ways that govern the relationship between our customers & us for the provision of Online Netherlands Visa.

Netherlands Visa is an independent body & not affiliated with any government organization. We provide services as a third-party, connecting you and the Visa issuing authority thereby providing a Netherlands Visa Appointment. If you seek any Visa to Netherlands services from us, we assume that you agree to all the terms & conditions set out below. We reserve the right to update these terms at any time without explanation. The changes will be effective as soon as they have been published on the terms page.

Fees And Payment Terms

  1. The fees once submitted to Netherlands visa for appointment booking or visa consultation is non-refundable. While every effort is made to ensure that the correct documentation and procedures are followed during application submission, we cannot guarantee the issuance or length of any visa, as it is determined by the Embassy. The Embassy also reserves the right to deny your Netherlands Visa Application Form without any explanation. Please note that the length of Visa duration solely depends on Consulate’s discretion.
  2. You are required to pay Appointment booking charges (apart from the Netherlands Visa UK handling fee) at the Embassy along with the Visa for Netherlands Application. We reserve the right to raise the charges at any time with or without prior notice.
  3.  All rights are reserved from accepting a case, completing the work and terminating agreements. We reserve the right for not taking on any particular application or case. Once we have accepted your case, we ensure that proper policies, procedures and documentation are followed in order to complete your visa application before submitting to the Netherlands Consulate or Embassy.
  4.  There is a fee difference between normal time-slots available for Netherlands Visa Appointment booking and express time-slots booking charges.
  5.  You are free to terminate the Netherlands Visa Appointment appointment/agreement with us at any time. However, in the case of re-appointment or rescheduling an appointment an additional fee of £25 has to be paid.
  6. The application processing time is at the sole discretion of the Embassy. Please understand that neither we can accelerate the process nor do we hold the authority to influence the embassy to do the same.
  7.  Appointment rescheduling is subjected to the payment of additional fees if the applicant fails to attend the interview on the appointment date. We do not guarantee a next day appointment. In such a case, a fresh application has to be processed.
  8. No Netherlands Visa Requirement documents have to be furnished by post or in person at our billing address at the time of requesting an appointment booking. If you do so, without prior information to our customer support staff then we will not be responsible for accepting any courier.
  9. We will not be held responsible for any loss incurred regarding the travel arrangements or accommodation booking. We are also not liable for any consequential losses claims arising due to non-arrival of Netherlands Schengen Visa at the time of the scheduled date of travel.

Our Refund Policy

  1. The application fee is non-refundable and will not be refunded or returned under any circumstances after the appointment is booked with the embassy. However, you may apply for a re-appointment or rescheduling of the appointment date by paying an additional fee.
  2. In case, you want to cancel your application request then we provide a 50% refund of the fee submitted online.
  3. Once the appointment is booked with the Embassy, we are unable to offer you any refund because that appointment could not be used for any other applicant.
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