Day Trip Amsterdam Itinerary for Families & Kids

4 Days Day Trip Amsterdam Itinerary for Families & Kids

Are you someone who is thinking of taking a family trip to Amsterdam? Then you have arrived at the right place. Amsterdam is a family-friendly lively metropolis that offers you a brand of rich cultural heritage which will make your holiday trip an amazing vacation. To start your amazing family vacation destination below is a detailed four-day Trip Amsterdam Itinerary plan full of tips and a must-visit spot that you can’t miss in Amsterdam. This will help you to make memories with your family for a lifetime and share a bond to make it stronger. Let’s explore the Amsterdam Itinerary traveling with kids.

Day 1: Immersion into the Heart of the City Center

  • In the Morning

After you step into Amsterdam, you first need to check into a family-friendly accommodation. For this, you can consider staying in the Museum Quarter or Jordaan, which is central and offers easy access to major attractions. Freshen up and get ready to tackle the day of exploration with your Day Trip Amsterdam Itinerary.

  • In the Afternoon

Start your adventure by observing the iconic waterways of the cities as well as historic buildings. It is one of the most relaxing ways to chill with the whole family. Amsterdam offers kids-pleasing menus with a lot of varieties.

  • In the Evening

Enjoy the open spaces and playgrounds where children can have fun, play, eat, and run at the Dam Square. It is the heart of Amsterdam Park. Further, you can enjoy lunch in the park or visit the nearby cafes.

Dinner: Check out the nearby places and have a try on the traditional Dutch cuisines from the available nearby restaurants. Kids usually preferred the Dutch pancakes- stroopwafels and poffertjes usually are on the top of the list of the kids to try.

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Day 2: Museums and Parks in Your Day Trip Amsterdam Itinerary

Explore the Museums and Parks in Amsterdam

  • Morning: Museum Hopping

Rijksmuseum: Start your Day Trip Amsterdam Itinerary with a visit to the Rijksmuseum. Rise and shine at one of the most visited attractions in Amsterdam, which presents you with history for children and the art of the pieces. The place offers you activities and family guidance to engage with your children and have a memorable visit.

Van Gogh Museum: A short walk away you can find the Van gogh museum. This Museum will surely interest both children and adults because of its engaging stories of Vincent van Gogh and vibrant colours that attract every visitor.

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  • Afternoon: Picnic and Playtime

Vondelpark: Head towards the Vondelpark to have a great relaxing picnic. The park has a great open space and playgrounds where children can have fun, play, eat, and run.

Lunch: You can enjoy lunch in the park or visit the nearby cafes.

Evening: Interactive Museums

NEMO Science Museum: For interactive sessions with the NEMO science music using hands-on interactive exhibits which will help the children to learn and know about the history. It is one of the most popular museums in Amsterdam. This is the Best Amsterdam museums that you should include in your itinerary.

Dinner: Go to the family-friendly restaurants near the museum. The different Menus that are created to everyone’s taste and preference will be served.

Day 3: Experience the Cultural Experiences with Unique Attractions

  • In the Morning

In the morning, you can go and visit the Artis Royal Zoo. At the zoo explore with exotic animals and a playground aquarium and Planetarium.

  • In the Afternoon

Please see the situation and get to know about the life of Anne Frank and World War 2 at Anne Frank’s house. It was an affecting experience so you must think while visiting the one for your children whether it is appropriate to make them aware of the scenario or not.

Lunch: Take lunch at the nearby cafes or take a break at a pancake house

Evening: Evening Stroll

Canal-side Stroll: Enjoy strolling along the canals the eliminated City bridges and the serene water Captivate the magical atmosphere that will surely make your children love the place. It is a must visit in your Amsterdam 4 days’ itinerary.

Dinner: Have a great time with your family at the family-friendly restaurants for dinner maybe go for some Indonesian food which is one of the popular options that you must try in Amsterdam.

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Day 4: Day Trip Amsterdam Itinerary and Souvenir Shopping

Day Trip and Souvenir Shopping

  • In the Morning

For a short break, you can take a day trip to Zaanse Schans as part of your Day Trip Amsterdam Itinerary. It is considered a charming village that is recognized for traditional Dutch crafts, wooden houses, and well-preserved windmills. It serves as a popular museum in Amsterdam that offers insight into Dutch culture, making it a memorable time for families.

  • In the Afternoon

Go back to Amsterdam and spend the afternoon to buy souvenirs. There are many exclusive boutiques and shops found in the Nine Streets offering captivating shops and beauties all over the way. Have an easy-going mid-day meal in one of the neighborhood cafes. It is a must for an amazing family vacation destination.

Evening: Farewell Dinner

Farewell Dinner: Celebrate a special dinner or your last evening try to think you book a restaurant at the waterfront towards the Canal view with a memorable night.

Evening Walk: Final walk through the city and maybe you can visit the Amsterdam line festival if you are here at the time of winter.

Things to Do with Kids in Amsterdam

To enjoy the vibrant culinary experience in Amsterdam with your family, let’s discover the kid-friendly restaurants. These are special places for your Day Trip Amsterdam Itinerary, especially when traveling with kids.

Restaurants with Playgrounds in Amsterdam

With its vibrant culture and picturesque canals, Amsterdam has been home to different restaurants that serve families all around the world. Whether you are visiting with children or a local, finding the right place to eat makes all the difference. Here are some top Amsterdam kids-friendly fun restaurants in Amsterdam recommendations that promise you a delightful experience for kids and adults.

  • Bagels & Beans

Bagels and Beans is a popular place in Amsterdam that has a variety of healthy snacks, sandwiches, and bagels. With a comfortable, friendly atmosphere this place is a perfect place for a casual meal especially for the family with kids. Furthermore, these outlets also have small play Areas where the kids can play or read.

  • Gartine

Gartine is a hidden gem in Amsterdam that offers an intimate and cozy dining experience. They have a manual feature of homemade and delicious meals that focuses on organic and local shows ingredients. For a peaceful family lunch, this place is simply a perfect spot.

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For every family who is seeking a perfect family vacation Amsterdam is an amazing family vacation destination that offers history culture and activity for each group. This 4-day itinerary will surely help you to enjoy your visit to the fullest creating wonderful memories with your family.

Amsterdam has a lot of dining options that cater to families with children from all over the world. From restaurants with playgrounds in Amsterdam to unique dining experiences, there is something for everyone. As you plan your visit to Amsterdam don’t forget to take care of the visa requirement to get a smooth and Hassel-free experience served while traveling with your kids. Make unforgettable memories with Amsterdam 4 days’ itinerary.

Enjoy an amazing friendly family vacation in Amsterdam!


Is 4 days enough to see Amsterdam?

Yes, the four-day itinerary will be considered enough time to go to the main spots of Amsterdam. The popular attractions include the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and a canal cruise.

Is Amsterdam worth visiting with a family?

Definitely! Amsterdam is a family-friendly destination with many popular spots for all age groups. Families from all over the world visit attractions like Artis Royal Zoo, NEMO Science Museum, and the Vondelpark.

What month should I visit Amsterdam?

The best month to visit Amsterdam is usually between April to May and September to November when the climate is pleasant and crowds are lesser.

How early can I apply for a Netherlands visa from UK?

It is advisable to apply for a Netherlands visa at least 15 days before your intended date of travel to ensure sufficient processing time.

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With the Netherlands Schengen Visa you can travel to the Schengen region, comprising 26 European countries along with the Netherlands.

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