Amsterdam in December 2023

Amsterdam in December 2023: Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in Winters

Planning a trip to Amsterdam in December means contending with less-than-ideal weather, fewer crowds, and plenty of festive holiday cheer!

If you’re considering a December trip to Amsterdam, here’s everything you need to know, from what kind of weather to expect to the best things to do in Amsterdam in December. If you wish to travel to Netherlands then you needs to apply for Netherlands visa

Typical December Weather in Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam in December 2023 means contending with the coldest, darkest weather of the year, and while that has its benefits, you need to come prepared for the weather. In December, highs in December reach an average of 43°F/6°C, and at night, lows plunge to an average of 36°F/2°C.

Amsterdam offers you the best chilling experience during your visit in December. During this month, the whole city is covered with flawless and clean white snow in such a manner that it gives the best scenic view and feels like a story. The trees and the snow-covered streets are the highlight of your visit. A trip to Amsterdam in December 2023 will require you to carry plenty of warm clothes to ease you through.

Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in December 2023

Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in December 2023

For anyone planning a trip to Amsterdam, the colder months are a magical time to visit the Dutch capital when nights are cosy, food is hearty, and everything twinkles in fairy lights. Here are just a few Things to do in Amsterdam in December 2023 to make your winter destination.

Ice Skating at Rembrandplein

Embracing the winter charm of Amsterdam in December 2023 is complete with indulging in the joy of ice skating, making it one of the city’s quintessential activities during this festive season. While the elusive experience of gliding along the frozen canals is rare due to milder winters, the enchanting alternative lies in the numerous picturesque ice skating rinks scattered around the city.

Rembrandtplein, in particular, transforms into a winter wonderland, inviting locals and visitors alike to lace up their skates and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Though canal skating might be a rarity, the city’s well-maintained rinks ensure a delightful and magical ice-skating experience for all who seek to embrace the seasonal spirit in Amsterdam.

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Warm up in Amsterdam’s Best Museums

Amsterdam’s winter offers a prime opportunity to delve into the city’s renowned museums, such as the iconic Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. With lighter crowds than summer, December provides an ideal time to appreciate these cultural treasures.

Beyond the rich art and history, immersing yourself in these museums becomes a welcomed respite from the winter chill, offering a cosy and intellectually stimulating escape. Explore the masterpieces and narratives while simultaneously sheltering from the cold, making Amsterdam’s museums a warm haven for winter wanderers.

Christmas Market

Embrace the festive spirit in December as Amsterdam transforms into a carnival of Christmas delights. The city comes alive with many markets and fairs, creating a shopper’s paradise during the season of giving. From trendy to traditional, these markets sprawl across every corner of the city, offering various reasonably priced gifts.

With a backdrop of amazing drinks and cuisines, each market exudes a unique charm, ensuring a delightful shopping experience. Whether seeking the perfect gift or simply soaking in the festive atmosphere, these authentic markets in Amsterdam provide a magical touch to the holiday season, making them a must-visit for those craving the true essence of Christmas.

Annual Amsterdam Light Festival

Immerse yourself in the enchanting glow of Amsterdam during the December visit, where the city’s iconic canals come alive with an extra touch of magic for the renowned Amsterdam Light Festival. Witness a spectacular transformation as the waterways become adorned with innovative and breathtaking light displays, adding a radiant ambience to the winter nights.

The festival’s installations, each a testament to the creativity, captivate observers from every perspective, but the true magnificence unfolds when experienced from the water. Embark on a mesmerizing journey through illuminated canals, letting the Amsterdam Light Festival cast its spell and create unforgettable memories of the city’s winter charm.

Take a canal cruise.

Embark on a magical canal cruise in Amsterdam during December, and fear not the winter chill. While a boat ride may seem daunting, many of Amsterdam’s canal cruises provide heated and covered vessels, ensuring a cosy and comfortable experience.

Appreciate the city’s enchanting canals, adorned with festive lights, from the warmth of these boats. Contrary to concerns about the cold, the covered setting becomes a welcomed feature, allowing you to savour the beauty of Amsterdam’s waterways without braving the winter temperatures. Discover the city’s charm afloat, relishing the best of both worlds on a heated canal cruise in December.

Bundle up and wander the canals.

Embrace the quintessential Amsterdam experience by bundling up and strolling through the enchanting canals of the Old Town. Despite the chill of Amsterdam in winter, the allure of the waterways takes on a unique charm, accentuated by the serene atmosphere created by fewer visitors.

Don your warmest layers and relish the unique beauty of the canals in winter. Whether it’s the intimate views or the tranquillity that draws you in, wandering through the Old Town becomes a delightful winter pastime, inviting you to savour the city’s essence more leisurely.

Plenty of warm Dutch Dishes

Indulge in the warmth of Dutch cuisine during your winter visit to Amsterdam. Treat your taste buds to the delightful oliebollen, round and deep-fried doughnuts, a quintessential cold-weather snack that promises absolute deliciousness. Expand your culinary adventure with traditional winter fare like inert (split-pea soup), stamppot (potatoes and vegetables), and fondue, showcasing the best Dutch flavours.

For a cosy winter beverage, remember to savour the comforting Chocomel, Dutch-branded hot chocolate. While year-round favourites like Dutch pancakes, poffertjes, and stroopwafels remain delectable, their warmth becomes an extra treat on chilly December days. Elevate your Amsterdam winter experience by relishing these hearty Dutch dishes that add a flavourful touch to the festive season.

Peruse the cheese shops.

Enjoy the Dutch love affair with cheese by exploring Amsterdam’s enticing cheese shops during the December chill. Wander through these establishments, indulging in delightful cheese samples and selecting a variety to bring the warmth of Dutch flavours back home.

For an extra cheesy experience, consider visiting the Amsterdam Cheese Museum—a fun and informative stop that adds a touch of cultural richness to your winter exploration. Let the allure of Dutch cheese become a flavourful highlight of your Amsterdam adventure, offering a Festive holiday season in Amsterdam to combat the December cold.


One of the best things about December in Amsterdam is that there are relatively few places to visit! As a fairly small city that is also one of the most visited cities in Europe, the tourist crowds in Amsterdam can be oppressive much of the year.

But in December, when people more commonly head to the Netherlands for Christmas markets or to the Canary Islands for some sun, Amsterdam has some more breathing room, which makes it even more fun to visit the tourist destinations in Amsterdam. Whether you have time for a weekend in Amsterdam or a full week, you’re bound to cover more ground in Amsterdam during a winter trip than a summer one.

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What is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

Though Amsterdam is a year-round destination, the months from April to May and September to November are considered the best times to visit Amsterdam.

Is it a good idea to visit Amsterdam in December?

December is a great time to visit Amsterdam if you enjoy the winter holidays’ festivities.

Does it snow in Amsterdam in December?

No, the weather is cold and wet due to the rainy season; it doesn’t experience any snowfall. At times, you can also experience damp snow.

Is Amsterdam fun at Christmas?

Yes, the holiday spirits, the bussing markets, cosy nights, delicious foods, and dazzling decorations make the winters in Amsterdam a fun-filled winter destination.

Do I need to travel to the Netherlands from the UK?

UK citizens don’t need a visa for short stays up to 90 days within 180 days. Longer stays or specific purposes may require a visa.

How long does it take to process a Netherlands visa application?

The standard processing for the online Netherlands visa application takes 12 to 15 calendar days, which may be extended if the supporting documents need to be presented as required or for other justified reasons.

How should I apply for a Netherlands Schengen visa?

To apply for a Netherlands visa, you need to follow simple steps:
1. Fill up the Application form online mode
2. We will book a Portugal visa appointment for you at the Visa Centre
3. Carry all the necessary documents to the visa centre
4. You’ll get your passport via post along with your visa.

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