Christmas in Netherlands – The Ultimate Guide for Holidaymakers

Christmas in Netherlands – The Ultimate Guide for Holidaymakers

Welcome to a festive journey through Christmas in Netherlands. This guide offers holidaymakers insights into Dutch Christmas charm. These incredible celebrations range from unique traditions and cosy markets to delightful cuisine.

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What is Christmas Called in Netherlands?

Welcome to the delightful world of Dutch Christmas, or as they say in the Netherlands, “Kerst”!

Starting with Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas isn’t just any event; it’s the Netherlands’ unique twist on welcoming the festive season. Picture streets filled with lights, laughter, and a sense of anticipation for the main event: Christmas!

Winter Wonderland Warmth

During Kerst, every corner of the Netherlands turns into a winter wonderland, but with an extra dose of warmth. It’s like the whole country comes together for a giant, joyous celebration.

Seamless Celebration Shift

After Sinterklaas, the focus gently glides into Christmas. It’s like moving from one great chapter of a book to an even more exciting one, without missing a beat. So, there you have it!
Kerst in the Netherlands is like a heartwarming, joy-filled winter party that It’s you’d love to be part of. Don’t wait! Book your Netherlands Visa Appointment to get started with festive cheer!

Weather in Netherlands During Christmas: Snowy Streets & Festive Lights

Get ready to dive into the cosy and picturesque Christmas weather of the Netherlands.

Chilly Dutch Christmas

During Christmas, the Netherlands wraps up in a cold embrace, perfect for cosy nights by the fire.

Snowy Streets Await

Snow often graces the streets, turning cities into real-life winter wonderlands. Imagine walking through a magical snow globe scene!

Festive Frostiness

The cold weather adds to the festive atmosphere, making every hot chocolate taste better and every scarf feel snugger.

Picture-Perfect Snowfall

When it snows, every corner becomes a postcard-perfect snapshot, ideal for your holiday photos.

Cozy Up in Holland

This weather is your excuse to cuddle up indoors after enjoying the snowy outdoors.

A Dutch Christmas is all about enjoying the cold weather. That too with a chance of snow which makes everything look like a festive fairy tale. It’s a winter experience not to be missed!

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Christmas Traditions: Unique Holiday Customs

Netherlands Christmas Traditions

Experience the unique blend of religious, familial, and whimsical customs that make the Netherlands’ holiday season truly special.

  • Sinterklaas Sets the Stage

Sinterklaas’ arrival from Spain marks the beginning of the festive season, bringing excitement to children and adults alike.

  • Lighting Up Dam Square

The lighting of the Christmas tree in Dam Square is a sight to behold. It symbolizes the start of holiday festivities in the heart of Amsterdam.

  • Eerste Kerstdag

This is the First Day of Christmas and is celebrated on December 25th. This day usually focuses on family gatherings and a lavish Christmas dinner!

  • Gourmetten

A popular Dutch Christmas activity where families cook together at the table using a small grill or hot plate. It’s a fun, interactive way to enjoy a meal.

  • Netherlands Christmas Cake

Relish the sweet Netherlands’ Christmas cake, kerststol!

It is a delightful treat, packed with fruits, nuts, and a heart of almond paste which makes it a festive favourite. Imagine a slice of this Dutch delicacy, dusted with powdered sugar. It’ll certainly make your Christmas morning extra special and deliciously memorable.

Dutch Christmas traditions offer a charming and unique experience, combining religious reverence with family fun and whimsical celebrations.

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Christmas Shopping in Netherlands: A Tourist’s Guide

Christmas Shopping in Netherlands

Discover the charm of Christmas shopping in a land known for its vibrant markets and unique boutiques.

  • Magical Markets of Maastricht

Maastricht’s Christmas markets are a wonderland, offering everything from handmade crafts to seasonal delicacies.

  • Amsterdam’s Boutique Charm

Explore Amsterdam’s boutique shops for unique, personalized gifts that are sure to delight you.

  • Rotterdam Christmas Village

A vibrant Christmas village in Rotterdam where shoppers can find a variety of gifts, from traditional Dutch items to modern gadgets.

  • Utrecht’s Twinkling Lights

The city of Utrecht lights up for the season, with its charming streets and local shops offering a range of unique gifts and decorations.

Christmas shopping in the Netherlands is an enchanting experience, combining the magic of traditional markets with the allure of boutique stores.

Christmas Foods: Must-Try Delights

Uncover the culinary delights that make the holiday season in the Netherlands a deliciously memorable experience.

  • Oliebollen: Dutch Doughnuts

Oliebollen, often called Dutch doughnuts, are a must-try, especially if you love sweet, deep-fried treats dusted with powdered sugar.

  • Pepernoten: Spicy Snacks

Pepernoten, small spiced cookies, are a traditional Dutch snack, perfect for nibbling while strolling through Christmas markets.

  • Banketstaaf: Delicious Roll

A pastry roll filled with almond paste, usually shaped into a log and enjoyed around Christmas.

  • Stamppot: A Flavorful Experience

A hearty dish made with mashed potatoes mixed with other vegetables, sometimes served during winter, including Christmas.

  • Bitterballen: A Famous Snack

A popular Dutch snack, these are meat-based balls, breaded and fried, often served at Christmas parties.
Dutch Christmas foods offer a tantalizing mix of sweet and spicy. These will make your holiday season in the Netherlands a feast for the senses!

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What to Drink at Christmas in Netherlands?

Explore the heartwarming and merry beverages that are essential to the holiday season in the Netherlands.

  • Warm Up with Glühwein

Nothing beats the warmth of glühwein, a hot mulled wine, as you stroll through chilly Christmas markets.

  • Dutch Hot Chocolate Delight

Indulge in rich, creamy Dutch hot chocolate, a favourite for both young and old during the festive season.

  • Beer with Winter Spices

Many Dutch breweries release special winter beers infused with seasonal spices around Christmas.

  • Kerstbier

Literally “Christmas beer,” these are often richer and stronger than regular beers, embodying the spirit of the season.

Christmas is a time to warm up with delightful traditional drinks, each bringing its own flavour of festive cheer. So, get your Netherlands Visa UK and enjoy an exciting Christmas in the Netherlands!

Christmas Concerts and Events in Netherlands

Christmas Concerts and Events in Netherlands

Explore the diverse array of Christmas concerts and events in the Netherlands. These are perfect for creating unforgettable holiday memories in December 2023!

  • Royal Concertgebouw Magic

Don’t miss the Christmas Concert at Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw, featuring the Choir of St John’s College on December 17.

  • Amsterdam’s Festive Shows

Amsterdam dazzles with various Christmas shows including “The Christmas Show 2” and a Comedy Special.

  • Circus Holiday Spectacular

The World Christmas Circus at Carré Theater, running from December 20 to January 7, promises thrilling entertainment.

  • Classical Christmas Harmony

Enjoy a serene evening with the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra and Cappella Amsterdam on December 16.

  • Rotterdam’s Christmas Proms

Experience the Christmas Classics by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra on December 22, 23, and 24.

These events showcase the rich cultural tapestry of the Netherlands. How so? By offering everything from classical music to lively circus acts for a festive season full of wonder. So, why wait? Apply for Netherlands Visa today!

Best Places to Spend Christmas in Netherlands

From the sparkling canals of Amsterdam to the enchanting streets of Valkenburg, discover where to celebrate the festive season in the Netherlands.

  • Amsterdam’s Winter Charm

Amsterdam transforms into a festive wonderland, with its illuminated canals and lively Christmas markets.

  • Utrecht’s Festive Spirit

Utrecht offers a magical Christmas experience with its quaint streets and vibrant holiday celebrations.

  • The Hague

Experience royal Christmas vibes with elegant decorations, a stunning ice palace, and festive markets.

  • Delft

This charming city transforms into a picturesque Christmas town, complete with traditional markets and historic scenery.

  • Gouda by Candlelight

An annual event where the city of Gouda lights up thousands of candles, creating a magical atmosphere.

From Amsterdam’s bustling charm to Valkenburg’s fairy-tale setting, the Netherlands offers some of the best places to immerse yourself in Christmas joy.


Christmas in Netherlands is a blend of tradition, joy, and festive cheer. With this guide, you’re set to have an unforgettable holiday experience in this beautiful country. Simply get a Netherlands Visa from UK and you’ll be all set for an incredible Christmas experience in Netherlands!


What traditional foods should I try during Christmas in the Netherlands?

Indulge in kerststol, oliebollen, and pepernoten for a true Dutch Christmas experience.

Are there any unique Dutch Christmas traditions?

Yes, the arrival of Sinterklaas and the lighting of Christmas trees in public squares are special traditions.

What’s the best place for Christmas shopping in the Netherlands?

Explore the Christmas markets in Maastricht or the boutique shops in Amsterdam.

Can I expect snow during Christmas in the Netherlands?

While it’s possible, snow isn’t guaranteed. However, the cold, festive atmosphere is a certainty.

What are some popular Christmas drinks in the Netherlands?

Warm glühwein and rich Dutch hot chocolate are must-try beverages during the festive season.

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