Apply for a Netherlands Visa to Explore the Best Cities in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small country located in Western Europe rich in culture and tradition. The country is known for its beautiful landscapes canals, amazing cities, and luxury lifestyle. A Netherlands tour for a holiday break is anytime exciting. Apply for a Netherlands visa to visit the best sites in the country.

You can explore many Dutch cities that are interconnected with each other. You can easily move from one city to another using a train. Apply for a Netherlands tourist visa from the UK and make a list of some must-visit cities and places before starting the trip. Many amazing destinations should not be missed if you are visiting the Netherlands.

Check the below-mentioned list of some must-visit cities of the Netherlands after having a Netherlands visa to visit-

Best cities to explore having a Netherlands visa

1. The Hague

Hague is famous for Politics and administration concerns as the international court of justice seats are in The Hague. It is also known as the royal or administrative capital of the Netherlands. The city welcomes thousands of visitors every year as it is the leading center of international conferences.

Not just for politicians it is the city of artisans as well. Apply now for Netherlands visa appointments and visit the best art museums in the city. Also don’t forget to visit The Knights Hall of this city, which is known for the historic hosting of Parliament opening every year.

For accommodations-

  • Stay at The Mauritshuis Museum
  • The easy hotel, The Hague city center for a comfortable and luxury stay under budget.

2. Delft

Delft also comes as the best city to explore in the Netherlands. It is a very less populated city but well known for its trade activities. Delft is a small city so you can easily explore it in a day. For all the Architectural and historical lovers Delft is a must-visit place if you are on a holiday in the Netherlands.

Visit The New Church which is basically among the oldest church in the country made in 1496. Its charm and architectural beauty will have your heart. Apply for a Netherlands tourist visa and witness the best architectural beauties. Market Square is another great place to learn about the beautiful Dutch culture. Using a Netherlands visa to explore Delft is never a bad option to go with.

For accommodations-

  1. Hotel Royal Bridges is best for a family stay.
  2. Shanghai Hotel Holland is the best stay for couples.

3. Haarlem

the real charm of the Dutch city is in Haarlem. It has many iconic landmarks that represent the history of the city. Apply for a Netherlands visa to know about the beauty of Dutch and European culture.

There’s Haarlemmerhout Public Park, which is famous among visitors due to its historical background. Apart from this, you can have a great shopping experience here with the locals and tourists from around the world.

For accommodations-

  1. Carton Square Hotel
  2. Hotel Lion Dio’r

4. Amsterdam

the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a worth visiting place and worldwide famous for tourism. Every year around 17 million visitors are welcomed in the city. There are a few places that no one should ever miss while having a Netherlands visa with them.

  1. Van Gogh Museum – best for art
  2. Anne Frank House – best for history
  3. Jordaan Neighborhood – learn the Dutch culture
  4. The Royal Palace of Amsterdam – formerly the old Town Hall
  5. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – best for modern art

Apart from these enjoy your quality fun time at Canal Belt, which is the UNESCO world heritage site created during the Golden Era.

For accommodations-

  1. The Nhow Amsterdam Rai is famous for its luxury facilities to visitors with a fitness center, private parking, and much more.
  2. Motel One Amsterdam is another excellent place to stay. It is the first choice of couples as it offers an on-site bar.

5. Gouda

After exploring Amsterdam, the next should be Gouda. It’s another beautiful small city that could easily be covered within a day. The whole city is built in a Gothic style so you will have a great love and respect for the architectural beauty of the city.

Gouda Cheese Market is a must-visit place especially in April to August. Gouda Museum also comes under the famous places to visit in the Netherlands.

For accommodations-

  1. Book tannery lane is a very comfortable and affordable stay option.
  2. Best Western Plus City Hotel Gouda is known for its sophisticated stay facilities with a top level of privacy.

These are some of the top best places in the country the Netherlands. No doubt there are several places still on the list. You can explore as much as you want and it would never be enough. Apply now for Netherlands visa appointments and get the Schengen visa within 15 calendar days when applying from the UK.

Nowadays it’s also quite simple and easy to book the VFS Netherlands visa appointments. Apply online and get the appointments within 2 working days. Now waiting for what? Plan your Holidays for the Netherlands and have a great vacation ahead. – A comprehensive directory of all things travel.


1. How much time will it take to get the Netherland visa?

Once you get the confirmed appointment date from then, it will take only 12 calendar days to get your Netherland visa and passport back.

2. I am applying for Netherland visa but also I have to visit France, so will this visa work or I have to apply the different one for France?

The Netherland Schengen visa issued by the consulate is accessible to all the 26 Schengen countries. You can use this same visa to visit any Schengen country as your first entry.

3. I am visiting to France but applying visa through Netherland embassy. How should I plan my itinerary in that case?

If you are applying for Netherland Schengen visa you have to show the itinerary for Portugal and your maximum period of stay in the country you are applying for as compared to the countries you will be visiting later.

4. I am looking to travel Netherland, so how early I can apply for visa?

You can apply 3 months prior to your travel date for Netherland visa. It will be better to apply in advance in case to avoid any uncertain processing delays.

5. What documents do I require to apply for my Netherland visa?

For Netherlands visa you need to be prepared with your passport, UK residents permit and your passport size photograph with white background.

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